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A Kitura tutorial

Swift only became interesting to me when it was released as Open Source with an open development model. I’m exploring using it on Linux for APIs and as worker processes at the end of a queue, such as RabbitMQ or beanstalkd.

To this end, I’ve been playing with Kitura, a web framework for Swift 3 by the Swift@IBM team. It’s inspired by Express and so the basic operation is familiar to me. As is my wont, I decided to write an introductory tutorial showing how to build a simple API using Kitura: Getting Started with Kitura. It turns out that trying to show someone else how to do something is a great way to find out if you understand it!

My first ZF tutorial was written in a word processor and saved to PDF. I’ve learned since then, and so this one is written in Markdown and each part is a separate HTML page! There’s 6 parts at the moment and I intend to expand on that as I get time.

Obviously, I’m new to Swift as it’s only been available for Linux since last December, so any corrections and improvements gratefully received!

I hope you like my Kitura tutorial & learn something from it!