Pragmatism in the real world

Rob Allen

Rob allen

I’m Rob Allen, software consultant and techology leader living in Worcester, UK. I’m passionate about producing pragmatic solutions which are maintainable for the long term. I’m a leader, advisor, engineer, open source maintainer, and a public speaker. I also take photos.

I love Open Source, maintaining rst2pdf and Slim Framework and am on the Laminas leadership team. I also create my own projects that I share on GitHub and contribute to other projects that I use.

I’m the primary author of “Zend Framework in Action” and contributed to “C++Builder 5 Developer’s Guide”, as well as being a regular conference speaker. The talks that I’ve in presented are in the “Talks” section of this site.

I have been a professional software engineer since 1995, when I graduated as an Electronic Engineer from The University of Birmingham in the UK. For six years I wrote C and C++ programs for Solaris, Linux and Windows for testing mobile radio networks. I then moved into web application programming.

You can email me at: