About Rob Allen

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I am Rob Allen, technical director, project manager and software engineer. I also take photos.

DevNotes is my outlet for talking about PHP development, Zend Framework and anything else that I am interested in. I am the main author of Zend Framework in Action and a contributor to the Zend Framework, contributing the Zend_Config core component in ZF1. I am a member of the Zend Framework Education Advisory Board which developed the Zend Framework certification exam. I contribute to ZF2 by helping to QA new code and merging pull requests. I am also the Release Manager for Zend Framework 1.

I run my own company, Nineteen Feet where I provide development, ZF training and consultancy to clients.

I have been a professional software engineer since 1995, when I graduated as an Electronic Engineer from The University of Birmingham in the UK. For six years I wrote C and C++ programs for Solaris, Linux and Windows for testing mobile radio networks. I then moved into web application programming.

You can email me at: rob at akrabat.com