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Shahar Evron: Generating ZF Autoloader Classmaps with Phing

Shahar has posted a new article about how to generate ZF2 autoloader classmaps with phing. As the ZF2 classmap autoloader is quicker than the standard autoloader, this can be a benefit in production, so being able to automate the creation is beneficial.

Fortunately, using ZF2′s autoloader stack and Phing, we can enjoy both worlds: while in development, standard PSR-0 autoloading is used and the developer can work smoothly without worrying about updating class maps. As we push code towards production, our build system takes care of updating class map files, ensuring super-fast autoloading in production using the ClassMapAutoloader. How is this done? Read on to learn.

He then goes to show how to set up the autoloader in your project and writes a new ping task called ‘classmap’ that you can then use in your build.xml files.