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Tutorial: Getting Started with Zend_Auth in ZF 1.0 only

This tutorial is intended to give a very basic introduction to using Zend_Auth for authentication of users. It builds on the Getting Started with the Zend Framework tutorial, so please read that one first!

NOTE: This tutorial has been tested on version 1.0.0 of the Zend Framework and is not very compatible with versions later than 1.4! It is unlikely to on any version prior to version 1.0.0 due to dependency on the ViewRenderer action helper.

English version: Download the PDF (v1.0.8).
Simplified Chinese version by Jason Qi (offsite): Visit Jason’s download area.
French version by R Benyacoub (offsite): Débutez avec Zend_Auth.
Spanish translation by Claudio Cossio (offsite): Como usar Zend_Auth del Zend Framework: PDF (v1.0.4).
Latvian version by Ingus (offsite): Ievads Zend_Auth
Brazilian Portuguese version by Ricardo Klein (offsite): Começando com Zend_Auth PDF (v1.0.8).

The associated code is available in my subversion repository or you can download a zip file.


The associated code is available:


Fixed path error found by Terence Yap.
Fixed typos found by         Greg Wilson and Ma Ding.
Fixed compatibility issues with the Zend Framework Tutorial.
Add a note about session.save_path.
Fix some of the phrasing as noticed by Jason Qi. Also fixed handling of empty login form as noticed by Tom and John Baldock. Zip file updated too.
More typos found by Wayne Roesner.
First typo found by Greg. Use the request’s isPost() function as suggested by sleek.
First typos found by David Goodwin within 15 mins of the release of 1.0.0!
First version