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Zend Framework 0.2

Version 0.2 of the Zend Framework has been released. I'll be updating my tutorial shortly – as soon as I have some spare time!

Zend_Config: Multiple Sections and a BC Break for 0.2!

It is now possible to load multiple sections into a Zend_Config :) The inheritence mechanism in the INI files has also changed to remove it from the data space and into the section name space. As a bonus, whilst doing them, I managed to remove a lot of rendundant code from Zend_Config_Ini and so it's now much easier to understand how it works. To load multiple sections just pass in an array to the $section… continue reading.

Zend_Config: Progress Towards 0.2

A week or so ago, I got a chance to sit down (on IM) with Darby and look at the outstanding issues for Zend_Config. We went through the all open issues and the items on the wiki page to ensure we knew what was intended for 0.2. As a result, I filed a few issues with the issue tracker to enhance Zend_Config and note possible bugs. Essentially, the enhancements are: ZF-352. Change the way INI… continue reading.

German Translation of my Zend Framework Tutorial

I'm extremely pleased to announce that there is now a German translation of my Zend Framework Tutorial. I'm still gob-smacked that someone thinks that it's good enough to be worth translating and am very grateful to Daniel Messer for doing it! He intends to host the German version himself when he has his web site organised, so that will be the place to find the latest version and to comment on issues specific to the… continue reading.

Directory Structures (again!)

Last night, the West Midlands PHP User Group met at The Swan pub in Worcester for some food and a chat. One of the discussions we started, but didn't finish was on directory structures and I thought I'd write down my current thoughts. The Top Level I like to keep everything within a project root directory and the top level directories are quite easy to define: project-dir/ app/ lib/ tmp/ scripts/ www/ Let's consider these… continue reading.

Zend Framework Tutorial 1.0.3

Another minor update with some more bugs fixed. Thanks Holger and Develucas! I've also added an explicit note that the tutorial only works with version 0.1.5 of the Zend Framework. Supporting the development trunk from subversion would be too much work for me! I intend to have a good look at the whole rewrite base thing and see if I can work out what does and doesn't work.

One Application Down: Some Zend Framework Thoughts

Tomorrow, I go to a (hopefully) final meeting with my client to wrap up the deployment of my first Zend Framework application. It's gone very smoothly as a project all in all and is all over bar the shouting. So what have I learned? In no particular order: Automatic rendering of the template from within the Action's destructor is more hassle than it's worth! It's better to have a render() method and called $this->render() at… continue reading.

Firefox 2 beta 2

Beware this beta! A new theme is in the works and it wasn't ready when beta 2 was released… I use Windows Classic and the tabs are terrible and don't follow my system colours at all. Very very odd. I'm assuming it'll be fixed by the release of Firefox2 as the regression list is long and being tackled. Jed Brown covers the actual problems in more detail. Other than the theme, Firefox2 is shaping up… continue reading.

Minor update to the Zend Framework Tutorial

I've updated my Zend Framework tutorial to 1.0.1 to fix all the minor errors that people have found. Thanks guys for letting me know! I guess it just goes to prove that that I'm not that good at proof-reading :)

My Take on a Zend Framework Tutorial

I thought I'd turn my hand to writing a tutorial… As both readers of my blog will have noticed by now, writing prose isn't my strongest point, but hey! you don't have to read it :) I ended up doing it as a PDF as I found writing it in a wordprocessor easier than anything else I tried. It also ended up quite long! The PDF is available at, so please leave any comments/corrections… continue reading.