Pragmatism in the real world

Getting started with Natural Load Testing

I've been following the products of WonderNetwork for a while as they do some interesting stuff with servers around the world. I particularly like Wonder VPN as a drop dead simple and reliable VPN is very handy for any mobile user who wants some security when using a wireless network in Starbucks! Recently they have been working on a new product called Natural Load Testing which is intended to make load testing your web application… continue reading.

Pragmatic Version Control Using Git

I've recently been looking at different version control systems, specifically distributed ones like git, Bazaar and Mercurial. At IPC I was talking to Travis Swicegood about wanting to learn and he very kindly organised a copy of his book for me to review and learn from. I didn't know much about git at all before reading the book. I do now :) It turns out that git is fairly easy when you have a good… continue reading.

A review of "Learning PHP Data Objects"

Packt Publishing recently sent me a couple of books to review. This post is about the second one I received, Learning PHP Data Objects by Dennis Popel. I was excited to receive this book as PDO underlies a lot of the Zend_Db_Adapter objects that I use in my day to day programming. It seemed like a good idea that I should know more about it. Overview of the book This book starts out introducing PDO… continue reading.

A review of "Object-Oriented Programming with PHP5"

Packt Publishing recently sent me a couple of books to review, so let's start with Object-Oriented Programming with PHP5 by Hasin Hayder. According to the introduction, the book is intended for beginners to intermediate PHP5 programmers and the first chapter has a good introduction to what object oriented programming is and why you would want to use it. Overview of the book Chapters two and three of the book are an excellent discussion of how… continue reading.