Pragmatism in the real world vs in Hugo

For years, has been a hand-built static HTML website with a smidgen of PHP to set things like dates and include a header and footer to each page. While I haven't yet redesigned it, it seemed prudent to move it to a static site generator before I did so and I chose Hugo, mainly because as a go CLI app, it had no dependencies to worry about. This is a really simple website with… continue reading.

Override Nginx media type for a URL

I followed Maarten Balliauw's article on setting up a pointer to my Mastodon account on my own domain at I'm not sure how useful it is and would prefer to have my own domain as the main account. Something to think about at least. When setting up, I realised that it was being served with a Content-Type of application/octet-stream, when it should be application/json. To fix this, I added this to my… continue reading.