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Ctags with Swift

I always seems to end up in vim sooner or later and I use Tim Pope’s excellent Effortless Ctags with Git process to keep my ctags file up to date for my projects.

As I’m now coding in Swift too, I needed ctags to support Swift. This is what I’ve added to my .ctags file:

Any improvements, welcome!


As I’m writing about Swift and vim, I should also point out that the vim-swift plugin by Kevin Ballard is a must-have!

2 thoughts on “Ctags with Swift

  1. Rob, thanks for the help. Made a couple mods to support struct and to keep ctags from indexing template params:
    –regex-swift=/(var|let)[ \t]+([^:=<]+).*$/\2/,variable/
    –regex-swift=/func[ \t]+([^\(\)<]+)\([^\(\)]*\)/\1/,function/
    –regex-swift=/class[ \t]+([^:\{<]+).*$/\1/,class/
    –regex-swift=/struct[ \t]+([^:\{<]+).*$/\1/,struct/
    –regex-swift=/protocol[ \t]+([^:\{<]+).*$/\1/,protocol/

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