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Day Camp for Developers virtual conference

My friend Cal Evans is putting on a virtual conference called Day Camp 4 Developers. The most interesting thing about this conference is that it is about the “soft skills” that you need as a developer. There are many conferences that deal withe the technical skills improvements that you need, but less that handle the rest of your job, so this piqued my interest.

It’s a one day tech-agnostic conference containing 5 sessions and all you need is an Internet connection. Good choice of speakers too: Josh Holmes, Elizabeth Naramore, Scott Gordon, Brian Prince and Lorna Mitchell.


Date: Saturday, November 6th
Price: $35 per person ($30 in groups of 10 or more)
Where: On-Line (

What’s also cool is that all sessions will be recorded and available for you to review at your leisure. Of course, if you’re busy that day, then you can buy a ticket and get the videos anyway to listen to at a later date. Apparently, you’ll be able to buy the session recordings after the event, but at a price premium, so probaly worth just getting a ticket and not (virtually!) turning up on the day :)

You can buy a ticket directly via eventbrite now and be sure of your place!