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My tutorial is compatible with Zend Framework 1.9

I’ve just updated my tutorial to version 1.6.3 after checking that it is still compatible with version 1.9 of Zend Framework.

The only changes I had to make were:

  • ZF 1.9 comes with its own BaseUrl view helper, so there’s no need to write our own.
  • ZF 1.9.0’s command line tool doesn’t work on Windows. I’ve created patches on issues ZF-7464 and ZF-7465. I’m sure this will be sorted with 1.9.1 though.

ZF 1.9 looks like a really solid release too.

3 thoughts on “My tutorial is compatible with Zend Framework 1.9

  1. There are a couple of inconsistencies in the tutorial which may be easily overlooked by Zend veterans. I logged a bug with ZF Issues (#ZF-8588) because Zend Tool would choke on the task "zf create action add index", spitting out the error "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Zend_Loader in /path-to-library/Zend/Loader.php on line 31" (inserting your own library path, of course). I learned that the "include_paths" in applications.ini called the Loader a second time. Commenting out that line fixed the error.

    Also, on page 12, it states that the four action scripts were auto-generated. By what? When the project was created? Because they weren't auto-generated for me.

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