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As I mentioned a while ago, I’m now using a MacBook Pro. All is going well, and I like’s search and data detectors very much. There are some niggles though that I miss from Thunderbird. My top 3 are:

* GPG integration (Thunderbird’s Enigmail)
*’s insistence on attached PDFs and images inline
* Filing mails to arbitrary folders using the keyboard (Thunderbird’s nostalgy)

It turns out that there are solutions to all three issues for OS X’s

* GPGMail from Sente. (Not for Leopard, yet though)
* Mail Attachments Iconizer from Lokiware
* MsgFiler from tow.

I had found GPGMail a while ago and I”m looking forward to the Leopard release. In the meantime, I am getting by using the Services->GPG menu. I only learnt about the other two by accident.

Lokiware is sponsoring the Daring Fireball RSS feed this week and John Gruber’s write up about this event, pointed at Dan Frakes’s Macworld article which not only persuaded me to download Mail Attachments Iconizer also mentioned MsgFiler too.

I’ve bought both! Clearly sponsoring DF’s RSS feed is worthwhile :)

Now, I’m trying to decide if I should buy Yojimbo…

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