Pragmatism in the real world

OT: Need something? Ask Hoosgot!

If it takes off, I expect everyone will be talking about hoosgot over the next weeks and months. The idea is to allow you to ask the world if anyone has got what you want maybe help you find what you are looking for, given the international nature of the web.

All you have to do is include “hoosgot” (pronounced “who’s got”) or “lazyweb” in your blog post or tweet and it’ll pick it up. (Is it just me, or is that pronunciation a stretch?). You can follow it on Twitter, but I suspect that it’ll be tweeting a bit too regularly for me though unless hoosgot works out what’s a question, what’s an answer and what is just commentary (like this post!).

Assuming that they sort out the filtering, It could be useful for anything that doesn’t require UPS in nature. i.e. asking for device drivers for esoteric hardware or to find out answers to stuff such as “hoosgot a good receipe for dairy free banana milkshake?” I can’t see questions such as “hoosgot a spare washing machine that I can borrow?” working outside your own circle of friends and freecycle and craigslist has that covered anyway.

Definitely worth keeping an eye on to see where it goes.