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Notes to self, re: IE6

I’ve just spent way too long today debugging stuff in IE6 that I already knew once I found the problems!

So, next time I have vertical spacing issue in IE6, I can come here and remind myself that in IE, <form> has margin on it by default…

Also, the YUI panel doesn’t seem to work properly in IE6 if it’s contained within an element that is positioned “relative” with CSS.

Now that Christmas is over, I’m going to be dedicating significant time to completing my outstanding copy for my development editor to make her happier with me!

2 thoughts on “Notes to self, re: IE6

  1. I find that just setting margin and padding to 0 on most elements at the beginning of my CSS files does wonders for layout variation X-browser issues. Later when you need to start spacing things you can just override it.

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