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PHP Collaboration Project

Everyone else is talking about the PHP Collaboration Project, so I thought I would too!

I think this should be fun.

There are two strands from what I can tell:

  1. A framework.
  2. A Zend plugin for Eclipse

I currently use Zend’s Studio and think it’s great. it’s expensive though and, to be honest, the problems revolving around editing have long been solved. Eclipse is a nice enough IDE and I think it would be better for Zend to concentrate on the PHP specific bits of an IDE, rather than things like subversion integration.

As an aside, I can’t get my head around workspaces in Eclipse! What’s with putting all my projects in a big tree? It seems that settings are stored per workspace, so one workspace per project is clearly not going to work as I’d be forever exporting importing settings!

The framework is very interesting as long as it lives up to it’s promise. This is the bit I’m looking forward to as I think that having a robust, mature platform that does the boring bits of a web application would really benefit everyone who uses PHP. At the moment there are lots of frameworks out there, none of which are documented as well as would be desirable. The key to me is that the PCP framework is flexible.

There’s a forum available now for the framework, but it would be nice to see some code though :)