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PHPNW10 Conference

The PHPNW Conference is an annual conference held in Manchester, now in its 3rd year and again I was invited to speak. The organisation of PHPNW was top-notch as usual with everything running smoothly from my point of view. I’m sure there were a few hectic moments for the organisers though :)

The day started with Lorna’s keynote on how to improve your skill set as a team. This was a great talk which sparked a number of ideas for me and no doubt many others there.

I spoke on the upcoming Zend Framework 2.0 this time and judging from the comments on the, I covered the topic well. If you were at the talk and haven’t rated, I’d appreciate it if you could jot down your thoughts on what I did well and what I did badly, so I can improve. The slides are also available on my talks page.

I particularly enjoyed Marco’s talk on the systems that run php|architect which looked at how they have organised their code into separate systems that makes it easier to swap different bits out as required. I then joined the “ZF track” with Rowan’s talk on Zend_Acl which was comprehensive with particularly good examples! I then caught Juozas’ talk on Optimising Zend Framework which was a high level look at the issues within ZF1 that make it slower that we’d like.

The final session of the day was the Framework Shootout chaired by Marcus Deglos. I joined the panel with David, Sam and Derick and answered questions from Marcus. David did, of course, steal the show as he’s a highly entertaining, knowledgable speaker with a great sense of humour.

All in all, an excellent day with a good second day at MOSI, though I only managed to see Thijs’ talk on PHP from a hoster’s perspective which was entertaining and informative.

I’m looking forward to PHPNW 11 already!

Rowan uses an example we can understand!