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Russian and Polish Zend Framework Tutorial

A couple of new translations of my Zend Framework tutorial have crossed my desk in the last week.

Kubek Bartosz has very kindly created a new up to date Polish version of my Zend Framework tutorial.

Alex Musayev has created a Russian translation too.

I say this a lot, but I really am still amazed that people think that my little tutorial is worth the effort of translating.

Thank you very much guys. I’m sure that you will have helped some of your fellow PHPers understand ZF a little bit better.

2 thoughts on “Russian and Polish Zend Framework Tutorial

  1. Your nice little tutorial is so sought-after, because it still seems to be the ONLY ONE on the entire web which was updated to work with the current version 1.0.0. Not even the tutorial in the Zend Framework Wiki (on the days it is not down) is outdated.

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