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SuccesSQL demo online

This post is part of a series about my experiences building a PHP app for Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7 for the European WinPHP Challenge 2009 which is sponsored by iBuildings, Microsoft and Leaseweb.

The WinPHP challenge comes to an end around now, so I’ve put up a demo installation of SuccesSQL (v0.01!) at The test site takes a lot longer to display the first page than version running in my VM and I have no idea why!

The source code is released under the New BSD license and is available from my subversion repository.

I expect that this code isn’t as secure as it should be and isn’t especially well tested either. As such, I highly recommend that you don’t use it on important databases or on a public facing web server!

Obligatory screen shot:

I’ve still got lots to do though, but there’s enough done that I’m using it for work related stuff when I need to look something up, but can’t be bothered to wait for the SQL Server Management tool to get around to starting up. In that sense, it’s already a success!

9 thoughts on “SuccesSQL demo online

  1. Looks interesting – could develop into a challenger for phpMyAdmin.

    All you need now is nicer graphics. Ever thought about using Ext JS or something like it to power this?

  2. I picked a table name on the front page, I landed on the "Structure" page for that table, then I just clicked the "Browse" and got this: it's throwing up this kind of error for different tables, but not all of them.


  3. Nice work, Rob. The first page doesn't take that long to display for me (~250ms without cache), but who knows what you are striving for. ;-)
    There is one small problem: as it seems that no primary key is defined for table "BuildVersion", an exception is thrown when you want to browse the table.


  4. Robert & Matthias,

    Development mode is now off, so you can't see the exception…

    I'm aware of the failure to browse when there's no primary key attached and cheated by adding a known issues section to the README :) I think the solution is to drop down to the db adapter rather than using Zend_Db_Table.

    The speed appears to be variable. Juozas is seeing something similar, so at least I know it's not just me!



  5. I think you should drop /trunk/application/controllers/helpers/Setup.php cause you replaced it already with SSQL_Controller_Plugin_ViewSetup.

    Anyway, nice to take a look into your sourcecode. Intressting Projekt, hope to see more in the near future.

  6. Salz,

    I have need for it at work, so it's definitely something that I will be working on. Probably a bit slower though as I'm rather busy…


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