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SuccesSQL demo online

This post is part of a series about my experiences building a PHP app for Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7 for the European WinPHP Challenge 2009 which is sponsored by iBuildings, Microsoft and Leaseweb.

The WinPHP challenge comes to an end around now, so I’ve put up a demo installation of SuccesSQL (v0.01!) at The test site takes a lot longer to display the first page than version running in my VM and I have no idea why!

The source code is released under the New BSD license and is available from my subversion repository.

I expect that this code isn’t as secure as it should be and isn’t especially well tested either. As such, I highly recommend that you don’t use it on important databases or on a public facing web server!

Obligatory screen shot:

I’ve still got lots to do though, but there’s enough done that I’m using it for work related stuff when I need to look something up, but can’t be bothered to wait for the SQL Server Management tool to get around to starting up. In that sense, it’s already a success!

9 thoughts on “SuccesSQL demo online

  1. Looks interesting – could develop into a challenger for phpMyAdmin.

    All you need now is nicer graphics. Ever thought about using Ext JS or something like it to power this?

  2. Nice work, Rob. The first page doesn't take that long to display for me (~250ms without cache), but who knows what you are striving for. ;-)
    There is one small problem: as it seems that no primary key is defined for table "BuildVersion", an exception is thrown when you want to browse the table.


  3. Robert & Matthias,

    Development mode is now off, so you can't see the exception…

    I'm aware of the failure to browse when there's no primary key attached and cheated by adding a known issues section to the README :) I think the solution is to drop down to the db adapter rather than using Zend_Db_Table.

    The speed appears to be variable. Juozas is seeing something similar, so at least I know it's not just me!



  4. I think you should drop /trunk/application/controllers/helpers/Setup.php cause you replaced it already with SSQL_Controller_Plugin_ViewSetup.

    Anyway, nice to take a look into your sourcecode. Intressting Projekt, hope to see more in the near future.

  5. Salz,

    I have need for it at work, so it's definitely something that I will be working on. Probably a bit slower though as I'm rather busy…


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