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Zend Framework URL Rewriting in IIS6

I've written before about URL rewriting with IIS7's URL Rewrite module. IIS6, which ships with Windows Server 2003 does not have this module though and guess which version my client's IT dept run? As usual, they wouldn't install ISAPI_Rewrite or one of the other solutions for me. In the past, I've simply written a new router that creates URLs with normal GET variables, but this is ugly and I wanted better. One thing IIS6 does… continue reading.

Simple Zend_Form File Upload Example

UPDATE: This is out of date. Nowadays, you want to use Zend_Form_Element_File. Zend Framework 1.5's Zend_Form component is missing support for the file input element as it is waiting on a file upload component to build upon. We're busy people, so we'll fake it… This is a super simple example showing how to do file uploads with Zend_Form in Zend Framework 1.5. I'm building on the Simple Zend_Form Example, so make sure you have read… continue reading.

Updated Tutorial for Zend Framework 1.5

Zend Framework 1.5 has now been released to mark the occasion I have significantly updated my Zend Framework Tutorial! The tutorial was first released on 16th August 2006 and was written against version 0.1 of Zend Framework and had one major revision to bring in support for the ViewRenderer component. The new tutorial produces exactly the same application as before, but now uses the new 1.5 goodies of Zend_Form and Zend_Layout, so you can see… continue reading.