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tek11 photos

Following on from the previous post, these are some of my favourites from php|tek 11.

On the day before tek started, playing mini-golf with Helgi, Ian,Kathy, Rafael & Lorna was fun

Professional at work...

It wouldn’t be a trip to Chicago without pizza!


I loved Liz‘s hat

Liz and her hat

Lig had a two-hands-one-mouth problem…

Red or White?!

The social events at tek are great. You can usually find Liz enjoying the party!

Centre of attention

It was always fun to see groups showing off some cool tech or another to each other. In this case, I think Lorna and Matthew were discussing using LaTeX for presentations

Matthew and Lorna

Jeremy took great pictures too and also posed on the couch

Here's looking at you!

I think the funniest moment of tek11 was when Ian read us excerpts from Page & Didday’s Fortran 77 for Humans he found on the shelf at Potbelly’s. Lunch will never be the same again.

Ian reads us exercepts from the Fortran book

Looking at this set of photos, you’d think that all we did was party. In fact, I also went to a number of amazing sessions where I learnt stuff, but I was so busy paying attention, I didn’t take any photos during those times. I had a great time at both DPC and php|tek this year and if you haven’t been to a PHP conference, then I recommend that you go to the next one you can!

The full set of photos is up on Flickr.