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Tutorial Q&A PDF

Chris Kirk has kindly provided a Q&A PDF which summarises a number of problems that have been raised and answered in the comments on the tutorial page. If you are having problems, download it and see if it helps.

Thanks Chris!

2 thoughts on “Tutorial Q&A PDF

  1. Hi,

    your weblink is no longer working.

    I own a copy of your book (in german). At the moment I am working on your Examples in the book. There are some errors in the code. On the web-page metioned above you had a list of known errors. This realy is a problem for me …

    Can you tell me when the page will be available again or can you tell me where to get the (corrected) code that is discussed in the book?

    Thomas Kloepfer

    1. Hi Thomas,

      The Zend Framework in Action website should be back now. I mis-configured the DNS when I transferred registrars :(



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