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Zend Framework: Incubator Testing

In case you missed it, the Zend Framework Subversion revision 532 is important as Darby has put in place the test harness fiiles required for testing the incubator code. Thanks Darby!

For the tests to pass you must have the following on your include path:

  • /path/to/PEAR
  • /path/to/zend_framework/library
  • /path/to/zend_framework/incubator
  • /path/to/zend_framework/tests

You can then run the tests from the incubator/tests directory using php -f AllTests.php. If you don’t want to change your php.ini file, then php -d include_path=".:/path/to/PEAR:/path/to/zend_framework/library:/path/to/zend_framework/incubator:/path/to/zend_framework/tests" -f AllTests.php also works :)

Note that the tests fail in Zend_Cache at the moment though, so you’ll want to comment out $suite->addTest(Zend_Cache_AllTests::suite()); in incubator/tests/Zend/AllTest.php!

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