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Zend Framework Tutorial Zip File Updated

I’ve finally got around to updating the Zip file on the tutorial page!

This time, I’ve created two files: one with the Zend Framework (1.0.1) included and one without. The one without is much smaller at only 9KB, where as with the Framework, the zip is 2.2MB.

The links are:

I’ve also updated the tutorial itself to 1.4.4. This is a really minor update that fixes a couple of issues reported over the last month or so. The main one being that we now use Zend_Db_Table’s createRow() function to create an empty record rather than manually creating one using stdClass.

5 thoughts on “Zend Framework Tutorial Zip File Updated

  1. Hi, thanks for all.
    I wanna ask you something. Whould you please write and example using Zend_Db_Select for more elaborated querys using it in this same tutorial? I really need it, just tell me what are the changes that I should make.
    Thank u

  2. hi jeff, if you reffer to my example of using zend_db_select on rob's tutorial, please, let me know in my blog, 'cause i don't get any notification from here. thanks

  3. There is a small error in your code (from the downloaded zip) In the _form.phtml file the hidden value name="ID" needs to be lowercase in order to update the database on an edit.

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