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Zend_Config Documentation in 0.2

Note that the documentation for Zend_Config is wrong in version 0.2 of the Zend Framework, as awormus has found out!

Key things to know:

$config = new Zend_Config_Ini('file.ini', 'section');
Zend_Config_Array has been removed
It’s no longer necessary as you can do:
require 'config.php';
$config = new Zend_Config($config);
Inheritence in Zend_Config_Ini has changed
    extends = common


    [proof : common]

We’ll get the docs sorted soon, sorry!

Update:The wiki version of the manual has been updated thanks to Darby!

3 thoughts on “Zend_Config Documentation in 0.2

  1. Hello Rob, in case you didn't know. The wiki manual gets updated every 30 minutes (including incubator). Although it doesn't delete removed pages yet. I'm still workin on it, but it should be fixed pretty soon.

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