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Zend_Config Proposal v3: Akrabat_Config (8)

After discussion with Jayson on the Zend Framework’s fw-general list and dealing with some excellent bug reports by Richard (aka OpenMacNews), I’ve come to the conclusion that the implementation of Akrabat_Config is wrong.

I’ve redone it as two separate classes with no base class. We now have:

  • Akrabat_Config
  • Akrabat_Config_ini

Akrabat_Config takes an associative array and provides read only access to it as properties properties . It also implements Countable and Iterator to make life easier. Akrabat_Config_ini loads an ini file and creates an associative array. Therefore Akrabat_Config_Ini only deals with all the handling of the “extends” keyword and nesting using full-stops in the key name. Akrabat_Config only deals with providing data access.

All in all much simpler!

I’ve updated the code to version 0.8(!):

I’ve also sorted out a new version of the Zend_Config proposal, which is now at version 3:

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