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Zend_Config Proposal v2.1: Akrabat_Config (7)

There’s been quite a lot of interesting discussion about my Zend_Config proposal this week. As a result it became clear that the method of extension to multiple sections that I chose in Akrabat_Config v0.6 was not what was envisaged.

I wrote up the four choices that I could see for doing inheritence into a post:

Fortunately Andi agreed with me, so I’ve updated the proposal to v2.1 and Akrabat_Config to v0.7 to support (2) rather than (3).

v2.1 of the Zend_Config proposal is:

And v0.7 of Akrabat_Config implements this spec. Again, I’ve put both the code and tests into a single zip file: Akrabat_Config 0.7.

As always, thoughts and corrections welcome!

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