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ZendCon 2009

I know I’m late on this one, and I only have the pathetic excuse of being busy. However, ZendCon 2009 was a great conference and I want to thank Eli, Zend and S&S for putting it on.

Andi wraps up ZendCon 09

I gave two talks; a Zend Framework Certification refresher tutorial and a talk on project management. Overall I was happy with how both talks went. I think that my presentation style has improved considerably over the last year as I am much more confident and it shows. Hopefully most of the people in the sessions gained from them.

As always, I learnt new things in other sessions I attended, learning about Solar, Zend Framework, deployment, MySQL and countless other things. I also gained from meeting the many people who were there. The conversations outside of the sessions are equally as valuable as I learn tips and tricks from people facing the same sort of problems that I do.

We also socialised after hours too:
Ilia and the elephpant!

All in all, a great conference, and I hope that I manage to get there again in 2010.