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ZF Authentication

I was going to look at storing content to the database having done collection of data from the database. However, in trying to that, it became obvious that I need to look at logging in too.

Looking at authentication first I decided to approach it using the Front Controller’s Plugin system. However, having got half way into the implementation, I’m not convinced. Ideally you need finer control and only request for logging for specific controllers or actions. So, I’ve scrapped the Plugin, after having found a bug in Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Token!, and am going to look at subclassing the Action, which seems now to the right place.

As usual, for me, the issue is trying to minimise the intrusion into the main code as authentication is just the “plumbing” by the you get to the actual code you want to write.

4 thoughts on “ZF Authentication

  1. Auth does seem to be the big topic right now on the mailing list. I've got an auth system that I wrote that handles authentication and access control, but I'm looking for a way to better integrate it into the system. Right now it is sort of its own system running in tandem with the framework and sort of hacked into place. I'm guessing that this is how all our systems will be until they add auth support to the framework. Any additional thoughts?

  2. Yeah I noticed that just done as I caught up with fw-general :) I'm watching the discussion with interest, but still thing that extending Zend_Controller_Action or having some sort of decorator for it is going to be the easiest way.

  3. Any other thoughts here? It seems that Zend is not providing anything in this area for a while, going by their reponses to the proposals for Zend_Auth. I am interested in what others are using as a solution…

  4. Been a bit busy with day-job stuff in the evenings recently. Am currently trying to deal with some Zend_Db stuff first.

    Authentication is still on my list, but I need database stuff first.

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