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ZF1.12 is released

I’m extremely happy to note that Zend Framework 1.12 has been released and is available here.

The key changes are:

  • ZF2’s StandardAutoloader and ClassMapAutoloader have been back ported to `Zend_Loader`.
  • ZF2’s EventManager has been back ported to `Zend_EventManager`
  • New `Zend_Http_UserAgent_Features_Adapter_Browscap` component
  • New `Zend_Mobile_Push` component, contributed by Mike Willibanks
  • New `Zend_Gdata_Analytics` component, contributed by Daniel hartmann
  • `Zend_Http_UserAgent_Features_Adapter_Wurfl` has been removed due to WURFL licensing changes
  • Many many bug fixes! See the changelog

Getting ZF1.12 out of the door took longer than I imagined when I took on the release management role. I’d particularly like to thank Matthew Weier O’Phinney, Enrico Zimuel, Ralph Schindler, Adam Lundrigan, Frank Brückner and Martin Hujer for their work on the code. I’d also like thank the many people who ran the ZF1 unit test suite for us too.

You should upgrade if you’re using 1.10 or 1.11 as it should be hassle free!

7 thoughts on “ZF1.12 is released

  1. Hello Allen,

    Big fan of your site.

    I am currently using ZF 1.11. How would I update to 1.12. I downloaded a ZIP file when I installed the framework.

    Appreicate the help


    1. Just replace your library/Zend files with the 1.12 ones. Obviously, you should be using a version control system like subversion or git in order to be able to go back if there's a problem!

  2. I appreciate the fast response Rob.

    I would like to get your professional point of view here. I have been learning ZF1 and like it. I am trying to use this framework with a big project. However, integrating doctrine 2 with ZF 1.11 isn't straight forward. I hear ZF2 has better support for Doctrine. I checked out the lastest release of ZF2 and I see CLI is still missing.

    do you suggest to move to ZF2 or there are still a lot more things missing? I really want to use doctrine for this project.

    Appreciate the help in advance!


  3. Hi Charlie,

    I'd say ZF2 is pretty much feature-complete at this point. What you see in RC6 is pretty much what's going to ship for the stable version (next week?!). Yes, it's missing the CLI tool for generating a bare project, however that's a fairly minor omission, and we have the ZendSkeletonApplication ( which serves that purpose now. Also, the CLI tool is now being developed as an independent module here:

    I'd say if you're not too far on your project, now would be a good time to look into ZF2. However, if you are already heavily invested in ZF1, it's plenty safe to continue to use it, as it will continue to be supported for quite some time.

  4. Really appreciate the advice Evan!

    I needed to hear someone's point of view on this. I am just beginning the project and now I think I am moving on to ZF2!

  5. Hi Rob,

    Thank you for all the hard work you guys have put into this! It truly is a remarkable framework to work with. For years I have been too intimidated to dive in and learn, but a year ago I had no choice…

    Since then I have had the time of my life digging into ZF1 and have watched ZF2's progress quite closely, downloading and playing around in every Beta and RC release, as you guys went along.

    I am trying my best to persuade the higher ups to tackle a project in ZF2, so hold thumbs!

    Once again, well done and thanks.


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