Pragmatism in the real world

Additional Content Blocks

I hacked together support for additional content blocks in CMS Made Simple over the last few days. This constitutes the first time I've hacked the main code and I'm pretty damn proud of myself! In the end the feature wasn't as difficult to write as it might have been. This is due to some rather clever design in the back end. First off, the database already separated out storage of the main text and header… continue reading.

ADOdb Data Dictionary

Notes on using ADOdb's data dictionary to create and manipulate database tables independantly of the underlying database server.

Is this thing on?

DevNotes is where I intend to write about my development life. In general this means that I'll be talking about PHP coding as that's what I do most of my development in at the moment. I currently work for Campbell Shaw and also do a little bit of freelance work for my old company to help them out maintaining code that I wrote for them. In my spare time, I am (slowly!) writing some plugins… continue reading.