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Bring a laptop to my ZF2 tutorial at PHPNW11

If you are attending my ZF2 tutorial at the PHPNW11 conference on Friday, I thought I’d remind you that you may find it useful to bring a laptop.

Ideally, your laptop should be set up with PHP 5.3 and MySQL and a working copy of my ZF1 tutorial. It would be a good idea to have a vhost set up on http://zf2tutorial.localhost or similar. Ability to create additional vhosts may come in handy. The PHP cli tool should also work as you’ll need to run some php scripts from the command line.

I’m going to be covering ZF2’s autoloader, dependency injector, event manager and then we’ll go through the current Mvc prototype. We’ll also be doing some exercises if we have time.

I’m looking forward to it and hope you are too!

4 thoughts on “Bring a laptop to my ZF2 tutorial at PHPNW11

  1. Hello,
    Just thought I'd encourage you. I thought the 1st Tutorial was very clear and it certainly helped me get going with ZF. I hope you are planning on posting a second PDF on you website. Also I'd like to see something about Authorisation in ZF: ie login page and how to implement the rest and track users through site.
    Have a good conference.

  2. Rob — This sounds fantastic. Is there any way you could share video, slides, or whatever's best for those of us who won't be attending?

  3. I would love to see the video as well.

    Also, do you plan on releasing a ZF2 in Action?

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