Pragmatism in the real world


I do not enjoy exercise, but I'm at that age where I can see far enough into my future that I would like to remain mobile and healthy well into my later years. So I exercise. I'm not into sports and I find it relatively boring, but this is what is working for me. In the average week I do some form of exercise at least 6, sometimes 7 days. Most days, I walk. Just… continue reading.

Matt Gemmell's short stories

I've been following the work of Matt Gemmell for years. His techno-thriller Kestrel series a great fun to read and I recommend that you read them if that's your thing. He also writes short stories, one every week. These are excellent. They are free and as they are short, they don't take long to read at all. A wonderful break from the reality of the world of work, I enjoy reading each week's story with… continue reading.