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Run Slim 2 from the command line

If you need to run a Slim Framework 2 application from the command line then you need a separate script from your web-facing index.php. Let's call it bin/run.php: bin/run.php: #!/usr/bin/env php <php chdir(dirname(__DIR__)); // set directory to root require 'vendor/autoload.php'; // composer autoload // convert all the command line arguments into a URL $argv = $GLOBALS['argv']; array_shift($GLOBALS['argv']); $pathInfo = '/' . implode('/', $argv); // Create our app instance $app = new Slim\Slim([ 'debug' => false,… continue reading.

Routing to a controller with Slim 2

In a couple of projects that I've written using Slim Framework 2, I've found it beneficial to organise my code into controllers with injected dependencies; probably because that's how I'm used to working with ZF2. To make this easier, I've written an extension to the main Slim class and packaged it into rka-slim-controller which will dynamically instantiate controllers for you for each route. Defining routes is exactly the same as normal for a Slim controller,… continue reading.

Dependency injection in Slim framework 2

Slim framework comes with a Dependency Injection container called Set. The basics The DIC is accessed via the container property of $app. To set, you use the set() method: $app->container->set('foobar', function() { return new Foo\Bar(); } ); If you need a given resource to be shared, then use the singleton method: $app->container->singleton('foobar', function() { return new Foo\Bar(); } ); And then to retrieve from the container, there are multiple ways to do it: $fooBar =… continue reading.

Using ZF2 Forms with Twig

Following on from looking at how to integrate Zend Framework 2 forms into Slim Framework, let's look at the changes required if you also happen to want to use Twig. When it comes to rendering the form, we would want our template to look like this: <form method="POST" role="form"> <div class="form-group"> {{ formRow(form.get('email')) }} </div> {{ formElement(form.get('submit')) }} </form> The ZF2 view helpers, formRow and formElement now look like Twig functions, however we don't want… continue reading.

Redirecting in Slim 2 Middleware

I recently ran into a problem with calling redirect() in a Slim Framework 2 middleware class, so I thought I'd better document the solution so that I remember in future! The authentication middleware looks roughly like this: class Authentication extends \Slim\Middleware { public function call() { if (!$this->isLoggedIn()) { $app = \Slim\Slim::getInstance(); $app->redirect($app->urlFor('login')); } $this->next->call(); } // other methods… } The problem is that you can't call $app->redirect() in Middleware as redirect() is designed to… continue reading.

Integrating ZF2 forms into Slim

Let's say that you want to use Zend Framework 2's Form component outside of ZF2 itself. In this case, a Slim application. It turns out that Composer makes this quite easy, though there's quite a lot of code involved, so this is a long article. Start with a really simple Slim Application. index.php: require 'vendor/autoload.php'; $app = new \Slim\Slim(); $app->map('/', function () use ($app) { $app->render('home.php', array( 'form' => $form )); })->via('GET', 'POST'); $app->run(); templates/home.php:… continue reading.