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Digg bar blocker for WordPress

The DiggBar is a URL shortening service that puts your website within a frame on As a result, the user sees Digg’s URL, rather than your URL in their address bar, no matter which page they navigate to on your site.

I don’t particularly like this, so I’ve written a small plugin for WordPress that removes it. Go to the No DiggBar page to download it.

Tip of the hat to John Gruber for the idea.

Update: The No DiggBar plugin is now available from the WordPress Plugin Directory:

2 thoughts on “Digg bar blocker for WordPress

  1. David,

    The most important difference is that Facebook's is opt-in. Go to and click on any of the links to an off-site article and look at the URL.

    Now go to your Facebook home page and click on a link within someone's update message. A new window opens directly on the other site.



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