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Caching talk at DPC 2009

The Dutch PHP Conference is being held in mid-June in Amsterdam and I’m speaking at it! My talk is called Caching for performance and in it I’ll be looking at how to use caching to improve the performance of a website.

I decided to talk about this topic is that it’s something that our customers have started asking about. I’ve started getting questions from clients asking how we can increase the speed of the their website without increasing the hosting charges. Generally, the solutions we’ve been looking at are to use caching at various levels to decrease the time spent creating the page. We’ve been interested in speeding up the response time of the site rather than worrying about scaling as most of our sites are B2B where volume of users is rarely a problem, but the time to get the page rendered is.

On the principle that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, I thought that I’d share what we’ve learned. You should come along and say hi! I promise not to (over) plug my Zend Framework book!

One thought on “Caching talk at DPC 2009

  1. Thanks, I forgot all about the conference..

    Just notified my boss that I have to go to dpc09 so he has to gief money ;)

    I hope to see you there :D

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