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Dynamic JavaScript Tabs v1.0.2

I received a patch from Imobach González Sosa to allow the Dynamic JavaScript Tabs code to support more than one tab container set on a single page.

I’ve applied the patch and this is version 1.0.2!

Thanks Imobach!

Update: I’ve created a separate page to hold the download link

6 thoughts on “Dynamic JavaScript Tabs v1.0.2

  1. Nice work man! I'm using SilverOranges tab template for the moment in a project and went looking for a lightweight js tab script. This perfectly blends in and works great. :)

    BTW, on line 54 of the CSS file I see .666 instead of #666 for the bordercolor of the active tab. Easy enough fix.

  2. Hey all,

    Beautiful work. Thank you very much for your wonderful contribution.

    But, I am having a problem with it.

    The problem:

    Iam inserting an tag for flash content, say in Tab 1 where there is tag, under "tab-content". If I click on other tabs, say Tab 2 or Tab 3, Firefox throws an error "Bad NPObject as Private Data" although in IE, it seems to work ok without any problems.

    I appreciate any insights into this….

    Thank you once again.

  3. Hey Rob:
    Thanks for your email. From what I understand, its just that firefox and flash sometimes dont like each other (through javascript calls).

    This is what i am trying to achieve :

    Page 1



    Javascript error happens in the function getChildElementsByClassName(..)
    on this line:

    if(childElements[i] != -1)

    and the error on the Javascript console is: "Bad NPObject as Private Data"

    From what I have researched its a bug thats been reported on ( and it has been fixed. I think the patch comes out in 1.8 version of Firefox.

    If you need more info, will be glad to provide.

    Thanks once again for your time and patience.

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