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Meet the TEK·X speakers

I mentioned back in January that I’ll be speaking at TEK.X in Chicago next month. Since then I’ve fleshed out the talks that I’ll be giving and think they should be quite interesting. It turns out that Zend_Form is such a large topic that I could probably speak for 3 hours on it! As a result, I’ve concentrated on providing a overview of the component and how to use it followed by a look at how to change the text of error messages and how decoration works.

The main reason for this post though is that Cal Evans has been doing some 5 minute interviews with some of the speakers at TEK this year. I recommend that you have a listen and find out a little about the people who are worth paying attention to.

As you can see on the schedule, I’m speaking in some very august company in Chicago this year, so highly recommend that you badger your boss and get a ticket to be there with us.