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Minding my own business

After nearly ten fantastic years at Big Room Internet, I have decided to take the jump and run my own business! Having concentrated on project management for the last year or so, I am happy to return to hands-on development. I also intend to provide training and consultancy services.

I’m really excited by this new phase of my career. I have created a shiny new company for interesting projects: Nineteen Feet Limited. If you want to hire me, then please get in touch.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that I most enjoy developing directly for a client and building solutions that meet their specific needs. I’ve had great success teaching at conferences (such as PHPNW and ZendCon) and am looking forward to providing bespoke Zend Framework training to developers.

14 thoughts on “Minding my own business

  1. Good luck and all the best! I attended the PHPNW tutorial on ZendFramework 2 and I can vouch for your amazing presentation/training skills. I often refer our graduate developers to your blog for great articles on various zend framework subjects

  2. Congrats Rob, all the best!

    I'm kind of surprised you've not done it sooner ;-)

  3. Congratulations and best wishes.
    I wish all the best and success . I am sure you are highly in demand.

    Mubarig (just Mubo)

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