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PHP Advent 2009: On deployment

This year I was asked to write an article for PHP Advent 2009 an it’s now been published!

Automate your Deployment is a look at how to automate the process of deploying your application to the web server. At my company we started automating our deployment systems just over a year and the number of issues we have around deployment of new code to a website has dropped considerably and is no longer a stressful event.

If you aren’t currently using an automated deployment script, I can’t recommend highly enough that you set yourself a New Year’s resolution to investigate the options and implement a system for yourself.

3 thoughts on “PHP Advent 2009: On deployment

  1. Excellent article, some very interesting areas I've never even thought of! While investigating the database management I noticed your link to LiquiBase should be .org not .com

  2. Great article, really interesting! I will certainly consider automatic deployment for our company.

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