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PHPWM March Meeting: Symfony

On Tuesday, PHPWM had a meeting at PSL Connect‘s offices where Darren Beale talked about Symfony.

Darren, about to start presenting

I took a few pictures and have stuck them up on Flickr. I should have taken my other lens though as the 50mm isn’t wide enough for taking pictures in room!

It was a very good talk that covered the basics of Symfony and what it can do. At the start, Darren asked us which frameworks we use and pretty much everyone used a different one! He then went though how Symfony worked and we got to see some code in action too. It was a nice step up from Ian‘s talk at the PHP UK Conference.

Afterwards we had a drink down the pub which was good :)

2 thoughts on “PHPWM March Meeting: Symfony

  1. It's good. It has some nice features and good MVC architecture.

    I'm not a fan of Propel as I think it's overly complicated for many problems. I see that Doctrine will be a choice with v1.1 which is good too.

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