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Running Phan against Slim 3

Having installed Phan, I decided to use it against the upcoming Slim 3 codebase.

Phan needs a list of files to scan, and the place I started was with Lorna’s article on Generating a file list for Phan.

I started by removing all the developer dependencies:

$ composer update --no-dev

and then built the file list for the vendor and Slim directories. I started by using Lorna’s grep statement, but that found too many non-PHP files in vendor, so I ended up with:

$ grep -R -l " phpfiles.txt

I then reorganised the list to put interfaces and traits at the top as order matters & then ran Phan:

$ phan -f phpfiles.txt 
Files scanned: 39
Time:		0.39s
Classes:	39
Methods:	297
Functions:	0
Closures:	18
Traits:		4
Conditionals:	197
Issues found:	111

Slim/Http/Request.php:116 TypeError property is declared to be string[] but was assigned int[]
Slim/Http/Message.php:25 UndefError Trying to implement unknown interface Psr\Http\Message\MessageInterface
Slim/Http/Stream.php:20 UndefError Trying to implement unknown interface Psr\Http\Message\StreamInterface
Slim/Http/Uri.php:35 UndefError Trying to implement unknown interface Psr\Http\Message\UriInterface
Slim/Http/Request.php:32 UndefError Trying to implement unknown interface Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface

A lot of issues have been found – most of them due to missing dependent classes & interfaces, so I ignored those when working through the list. Next time, I’ll add the relevant vendor files to see if that catches anything else.

The remaining issues found were all type errors related to the docblock saying one thing and the code doing another. These will need tidying up.

It was an interesting exercise and I encourage you to run Phan or a similar tool over your own codebase.

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