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No matter what I want to do with an array, PHP usually has a first class method that does it. I was therefore surprised that in_array() didn’t handle substring matches. (I was sure there was a flag, but apparently not!)

No doubt everyone has their own version of this, but here’s mine so that I don’t have to recreate it next time:

Is there a better way of doing this?

6 thoughts on “substr_in_array

  1. I would actually prefer a foreach based implementation because it can return as soon as an match is found.

    That may count as micro-optimisation in most cases but the readability is not really hindered .

  2. I might be tempted to use array_reduce instead of array_filter. Since the question is Does this substring exist in this array? and not How many times does this substring exist in this array? you can abuse PHP's short-circuit evaluation to avoid calling strpos for every element. This may show useful gains when $haystack is stupid big.

  3. Using fnmatch() rather than strpos() allows you to do wildcarding and other clever filtering in your search

  4. I think your use of filter is clever, but I don't agree with the function name. substr() uses start/leght which is in array terms array_slice(), so it sounds weird and misleading. Why not find_in_array? Then you can return the filtered array as the name also don't make any allusion the bool type.

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