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PHPNW08 Conference

PHPNW 08 took place last Saturday, and even though I wasn't too well, I had a great time. I thought my talk went okay, and judging from the feedback, at least some people learnt something from it which is good. I hope that the tongue-in-cheek references to my book were taken in the light-hearted manner intended. The conference seemed well-attended and the organisation was top-notch. Jeremy, Jenny, Emma, Lorna and everyone else involved did a… continue reading.

PHPNW Conference

There's a new UK PHP conference coming in November. PHPNW08 will take place on 22nd November 2008 which is a Saturday so there's no excuses not to go! To select the talks that will be presented, a Call for Papers has been announced with a deadline of 21st September 2008. From my reading of the website, this is a developer-centric conference and so if you have something to say about current PHP technologies and development… continue reading.