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PHPNW08 Conference

PHPNW 08 took place last Saturday, and even though I wasn’t too well, I had a great time.

I thought my talk went okay, and judging from the feedback, at least some people learnt something from it which is good. I hope that the tongue-in-cheek references to my book were taken in the light-hearted manner intended. The conference seemed well-attended and the organisation was top-notch. Jeremy, Jenny, Emma, Lorna and everyone else involved did a fantastic job.

At both socials, I met some excellent people who were generous enough to let me be my usual opinionated self and so I learnt as much at the socials as I did in the sessions.

One side effect of being ill is that I didn’t take many photos. The few I did take are up on Flickr.

The slides for my talk are up on slideshare too:

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6 thoughts on “PHPNW08 Conference

  1. Hi Rob,

    Just thought I'd drop a note of thanks. I spoke to you at PHPNW, I asked you were to direct my learning and you told me to go learn OO before attempting the Zend framework. I've just ordered the book you recommended and borrowed a copy from a friend. Its exciting stuff and I can see why its essential knowledge. You really have put me on the right course.

    However I keep getting this strange urge when I wake up in the morning… to buy… Zend Frame Work In Action… by Rob Allen, duno where thats come from.

    All the best!


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