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PHPNW08 Conference

PHPNW 08 took place last Saturday, and even though I wasn’t too well, I had a great time.

I thought my talk went okay, and judging from the feedback, at least some people learnt something from it which is good. I hope that the tongue-in-cheek references to my book were taken in the light-hearted manner intended. The conference seemed well-attended and the organisation was top-notch. Jeremy, Jenny, Emma, Lorna and everyone else involved did a fantastic job.

At both socials, I met some excellent people who were generous enough to let me be my usual opinionated self and so I learnt as much at the socials as I did in the sessions.

One side effect of being ill is that I didn’t take many photos. The few I did take are up on Flickr.

The slides for my talk are up on slideshare too:

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6 thoughts on “PHPNW08 Conference

  1. Hello Rob,

    I wish you good luck :)

    And i have one question. In your presentation in page 20, you have layouts/helpers directory. What did you mean? Layout helpers it something new to me

  2. Hi Alexander,

    That's from the official Quickstart. It's for view helpers that are specific to the layout scripts.



  3. Hi Rob,

    Just thought I'd drop a note of thanks. I spoke to you at PHPNW, I asked you were to direct my learning and you told me to go learn OO before attempting the Zend framework. I've just ordered the book you recommended and borrowed a copy from a friend. Its exciting stuff and I can see why its essential knowledge. You really have put me on the right course.

    However I keep getting this strange urge when I wake up in the morning… to buy… Zend Frame Work In Action… by Rob Allen, duno where thats come from.

    All the best!


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