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Updated ZF2 tutorial for Beta 5

Zend Framework 2, Beta 5 has been released!

This is an important release as we think we’re at the point where the API has stabilised and expect only small BC breaks between Beta5 and the stable release. We also have two new components:

  • ZendI18n for localisation and translation
  • ZendEscaper for context-specific escaping that targets HTML, HTML attributes, URLs, CSS, and JavaScript.

Lots of other changes happened too, so I recommend reading the announcement for all the details.

Note that ZendI18n requires the ext/intl extension. If you are using the stock PHP 5.3 OS X Lion, then I recommend following Bertrand Mansion’s article PHP with Intl and Gettext on OSX Lion, though note that you need the PHP 5.3.10 source code nowadays.

Obviously, I have also updated my Zend Framework 2 tutorial so that it works with Beta 5. The most obvious difference I noticed was that the bootstrapping is nice as is displaying a form in the view.

5 thoughts on “Updated ZF2 tutorial for Beta 5

  1. Very thanks. And for install intl extension for ZendI18n for Linux user use:
    sudo apt-get install php5-intl

  2. Hello and thanks for a great tutorial !
    I seem to have an issue though , with routing. I've completed the steps until the setting up of views, and when i try to access http://site/album i'm getting a ZF error , saying:
    A 404 error occurred
    Page not found.
    The requested URL could not be matched by routing.

    Any ideeas what im doing wrong?

  3. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for you wonderful tutorial.

    You forget to call the form's setInputFilter() method right before validating the data for edit.
    please correct at edit action.


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