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Using Phing to SSH into a Vagrant box

Now that I’ve started using migrations, I’ve discovered a minor irritant.

I run this project on a Vagrant VM and have discovered that I keep forgetting to ssh into the vagrant box before running the migrations script. The obvious solution is to automate this and I decided to use Phing to do so.

Firstly, I needed to install the PHP ssh2 extension:

I’m on OS X, so installed libssh2 via homebrew and as the PECL ssh2 extension is marked as beta, so we have to specify that. We can accept the default for auto-detecting the libssh2 prefix.

Then add to your /etc/php.ini file.

Once this is done, we can now use Phing’s SshTask in our build scripts.

This is a simple build.xml file to check it all works:

The output looks like:

Now that it works, we can write a target that does something useful:

Now, I simply run phing migrate and the MySQL in my Vagrant box is migrated as I expect.

Obviously Phing isn’t the only way to do this, but it worked for me.

5 thoughts on “Using Phing to SSH into a Vagrant box

  1. In order to install beta extansion, it's not necessary to reference the exact version. It's enough to add -beta suffix: pecl install

  2. Also, why can't you use something like below?

    vagrant exec 'php /vagrant/bin/migrations.php migrate'

    1. That uses the vagrant-exec plugin, right?

      Seems like that plugin is mostly a wrapper for vagrant ssh -c, so you could perform the migrations as:

      vagrant ssh -c 'cd /vagrant; php bin/migrations.php migrate'

      Just thinking out loud… :D

    2. The main trouble with using vagrant-exec or vagrant ssh-c is more typing and more variance between projects.

      i.e the main thing that using phing gives me is consistency and as a bonus, I type less.

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