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Zend Framework 1.0 Released

No doubt everyone who reads this blog already knows that Zend Framework 1.0 has been released.

My code contribution isn’t very large, but I am nevertheless very happy that Zend_Config “just works” for loading and reading configuration data.

The MVC system within Zend Framework has come on by leaps and bounds since the first public release and is now flexible, robust and easy to use. One part of the MVC jigsaw that is missing is an “official” way to do two-step or layout views using multiple templates to make up the final page. This isn’t a show-stopper, as it’s easy enough to roll your own or adopt the Padraic’s “Zend_View Enhanced” or Ralph’s “Zend_Layout”. Similarly, within the DB layer, further work is required on allowing more flexibility when selecting “dependant” data, especially to allow sorting and filtering. Bill has promised to look at this post 1.0 too :)

All in all, a very exciting time if you use Zend Framework and if you don’t now is a good time to consider using it!

4 thoughts on “Zend Framework 1.0 Released

  1. In deed, I've heard abut this release a day after it. I'm very exited about this, cause I've been loyal fan of this framework from the early beginning . Till now I've few times redevelop my example applications to make them work properly after every major framework changes. But that was very good occasion to experience it better, and get used to it.

    Meanwhile, I've noticed that only Your blog have most recent framework tutorial, and this page points tutorials also to other tutorials in different languages. The worse thing is that Polish tutorial, that this page also points to, is very outdated (version 0.2). I'm very sad of this, that no one have keep an eye of having it updated in polish IT community. My sadness is so deep :) , that I'm preparing myself to make own tutorial for Polish community, by translating Yours one and putting it on my blogsite. But before I start, I'd like ask You for permission, cause You are author of the source content ;)

  2. Hi Kubek,

    Feel free to translate! If you let me know the url when you have done so, I'll link to it.



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