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Zend Framework Tutorial for ZF v0.6

Now that work’s finished for the year, I’ve finally had time to update my tutorial so that it works with 0.6 of the Zend Framework.

There are lots of changes this time to accomodate the new MVC code that Matthew Weier O’Phinney has written. The new MVC system is very simple to use and also very powerful, so I feel that it definitely fits with the stated goals for the Zend Framework.

7 thoughts on “Zend Framework Tutorial for ZF v0.6

  1. I just went through the tutorial and I learned a lot. I ran into a few configuration issues (I had PHP 5.0.0 and upgraded to 5.2, also had Apache 2.0.x and upgraded to 2.2), but that too is good training. This is a GREAT intro to the Zend Framework. Thanks….

  2. Hi Ron,

    You certainly need PHP 5.1.4+ for the Zend Framework. I probably should make that clearer :)

    I run on Apache 2.0.x, so you didn't need to upgrade to 2.2 :) Good practise though!



  3. Hello Rob,
    Great tutorial – this really got me up to speed with the Zend Framework.
    The one step I still don't get is in the addView() function in the controller why do you need to "//set up an empty album"? If I remove this code everything seems to work fine.

  4. Your Zend Framework Tutorials are the best as far as I know. I just want to know if there's an upgrade for version 0.7


  5. Hi Robert,

    The tutorial works on 0.7 as well as there have been no changes to the public facing API of MVC components since 0.6.



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