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ZF2 training at PHPNW 2012

Following on from last year, PHPNW 12 has a tutorial day again on 5th October 2012 and Evan Coury and I are presenting a full day tutorial on Zend Framework 2.

The Zend Framework 2 tutorial day will be fantastic! This is the information about it:

With Zend Framework 2 released, this tutorial will walk you through building a complete ZF2 MVC application from the ground up. Starting with the ZF2 skeleton application, we’ll discuss how and why it works and look at the core components used. Specifically, I’ll ensure that you understand how ZF2′s service manager, dependency injector and event manager are used with the HTTP and MVC components as the foundation of a ZF2 application. We will also look at how to use and install pre-existing modules, while also creating our own modules during the tutorial. Grab your laptop and come learn all about the new ZF2 MVC, event manage, robust module system, and more.

Head on over to the tutorial day page and buy a ticket now :)

One thought on “ZF2 training at PHPNW 2012

  1. Hello Rob,

    I went through your the tutorial for ZF2. Other tutorials out there are outdated and I'm a beginner. When is your "ZF 2 in action" coming out?.

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