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Do it before goddamned breakfast

jwz on 29th Oct 2007:

When (WHEN) your backup drive goes bad, which you will notice because your last backup failed, replace it immediately. This is your number one priority. Don’t wait until the weekend when you have time, do it now, before you so much as touch your computer again. Do it before goddamned breakfast. The universe tends toward maximum irony. Don’t push it.

Some very good advice. I just back up my “cannot afford to lose” data at the moment. If I lose my hard drive, I have a good day or so of reinstalling and re-setting-up to look forward to. It’s probably worth the £100 or so for a new hard drive.

3 thoughts on “Do it before goddamned breakfast

  1. Very nice topic!

    I use the SVN system to backup my files. Especially, taking advantage of "post-commit" script, the system can automatically backup the files into two different hosts after any commit.

  2. For big files like movies and mp3s, it is not good and not necessary to put them into SVN system.

    In my SVN system, I put all docs there, like Word, Excel, txt files.

    For movies and mp3s, I just make two copies and put them into 2 different places and make a download link for me.

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